Monday, September 29, 2014

9/29/14 Quote of the Week

As announced in my schedule Monday is Quote of the Week day!

I LOVE this quote! I reminds us all that no matter what troubles you're facing and even if you think your troubles will never end, just like the rain our troubles won't last forever. Yes, troubles can last longer then rain and sometimes they will last for what can seem like forever, but keep heading toward the light!

Another way I've heard this explained is that life is like a mountain. It has up and downs, so when you find yourself in a valley just keep walking because soon the trail will begin to head up.

So remember, when you find yourself in trouble Be Strong, and trust in God, because your troubles won't last forever.

Feel free to comment below with what this quote means to you!

My Blogging Schedule

Hello everyone! I though a good way to start off my blog would be to set up a schedule. Lists and schedules help me to stay focused, so this will be what you can expect from this blog most of the time.

Sunday: On Sundays I will be sharing a short story snippet from some of my works. I'm very excited to start this as it will push me to get more writing and editing done!

Monday: On Mondays I will be posting an inspirational quote of the week and discussing what it means to me!

Wednesday: On Wednesdays  I will be sharing different writing tips that you can use to help you in your stories!

Thursday: On Thursdays you can expect a fun wiring prompt for all to enjoy!

Friday: On Fridays we will be having a mystery day! I will be posting something fun, and new every week! Anything from character interviews, to friendly writing competitions, and everything in between!

Keep in mind, this might be changing as I try this out!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Title Explained!

As you can see the title of my blog is A Writer's Heart. Now you might be wondering why A Writer's Heart, of all the wonderful things to choose why that?
I picked A Writer's Heart for a number of reasons, but mainly because I love the meaning behind it.
A writer's heart is full of love for their characters and a love for their stories. You can't be a successful writer unless you write from your heart. You have to write what's inside of you and when you poor your feelings, ideas, and emotions into a story and make it yours then you have a successful story. Every writer's heart is different and has different feelings, ideas, and emotions in it. That's why I love the title A Writer's Heart. It has so much meaning behind it for me, and a lesson for everyone. Always write what's in your heart nothing more and nothing less.

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! Welcome to A Writer's Heart! This is my first blog ever and I am super excited to join the blogging world!

This blog will consist mostly of story snippets I write, actual stories that I create, story prompts, writing tips, character interviews, and other fun things!

I hope that you'll come back often and maybe follow me! I'll try to update and add things as much as I can. Please feel free to look around! Enjoy!