My Stories

Here's where you can catch a glimpse of the stories I am working on at the moment. Feel free to comment and ask questions on any of my works in progress. Later I will be posting story snippets as I edit them.

Word Count: 19,364 (This will be changing as I add and edit to this nearly finished story)
Type: Christian Fantasy
All fifteen year old Erin wants is to be normal like everyone else, but she's blind so she has little hope of her dream ever coming true. Feeling lonely and misjudged Erin strives to find purpose in her life. Soon her whole life turns upside-down when Erin and her best friend Hazel get kidnapped by slave traders. Presently, when the friends escape accompanied by two new friends, Erin finds out that she's destined to be a dragon protector and to look after and fight for the supposedly extinct dragons. The friends set out on a rescue mission that if failed will result in great loses. Will Erin ever be accepted? Fine out in Dragon-Bound.

Word Count: 2,397 (Just started this one!)
Type: Christan Fantasy 
When twins Carter and Rebekah find out that they once had a little brother who was kidnapped by slave traders they leave by night to search for their brother who could be anywhere! Along the way a group of five save them from trolls and offers to accompany them to the nearest town. In Caytown Carter learns that he is destined to be a dragon protector and soon the seven of them set of on a journey after a legend that's as old as the land. When a betrayer takes secrets to the enemy a battle will break out that will, as foretold result in death! Will Carter and Rebekah find their brother? Find out in Dragon-Betrayal.

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