Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Story Parts

Hello! Happy Wednesday! Today I'm going to be telling you about what makes good beginnings middles and ends in a story.

Different people have different points on view on which of these are harder to write. I find endings hard, but that's just me.

Beginnings: Some people will stop reading a good book just because of a boring beginning. Of course, you can't start every story with a plot twist and a page turning battle. Please don't be one of those authors who spends four chapters with their character's doing nothing! I have quit many stories this way, because nothing exciting seems to be happening. Yes, I understand that you need to describe your main character and start to develop them, but please don't take four chapter to do this! Your beginning needs to be strong, you need to pull your reader into your story right away to keep them reading. For example: In a far off land past lush rolling hills and tall mountains. Past the Camelot River, lived a girl. Please don't do this! Describe the land later, most people would prefer to go straight to the girl. For example: Sadie rushed up the stairs of her empty house to her bedroom where she threw herself on the bed as tears fell from her large brown eyes. Imminently your reader will want to know why Sadie's crying and they're hooked!

Middles: A story won't be good if it has a strong beginning and ending, but a weak middle. The middle can be the hardest to write, because coming up with plot twists can be difficult. The best stories have unexpected plot twists in the middle. Please don't do the secretly twin sisters/brothers plot that everyone does! Do something unexpected like maybe quickly mention that the secret agents life was so dangerous that she had to give her own child away, and maybe later introduce her long lost child as one of the main character's if you want to do something like that. All I can stay is shoot for the unexpected to keep the reader hooked!

Endings: Like I said before, endings are hard to write for me, so my tips will be limited. Always end strong. This is very hard for me to do, but please don't do the and they lived happily ever after type of ending! Please end strong especially for the last book in a series! This is all the advice I can give you for this one... My apologizes.

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!



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  2. Hi! I'm a new follower. :) I love writing! (Normally no one sees it) This is some awesome advice! :D My problem is, coming up with an awesome plot that will last a while and your imagination can go wild with. :P I wrack my brain, but nothing seems..original.. Do you have a problem with your plots? :) Maybe you could do a post about it! :D Thanks!
    ~Sarah Margaret♥