Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Short Snippet!

Hello! I hoped you all enjoy my short story snippet last Sunday! Today I have part two! Please comment below if you enjoy it! I also take criticism!

          Then Father turned to Elaina as he did every night and asked her the same question he asked us all. “How was your day Elaina?”
            It was great!” giggled Elaina. “I met the new family down the road and they have a girl my age! Her name is Sara!
          Father then turned toward Eric and he took a breath, but mother interrupted him.
            Eric, was very disobedient today,” sighed mother. “I called him for supper four times before he came down.”
            Eric,” began father. “You need to show your mother respect and come when she calls. “I expect better from a grown boy like you.”
            Yes sir,” mumbled Eric.
          When it had been quiet for a few seconds, I began to speak, “Today I finished new clothes for Elaina, Elliot, and Hazel. I also went for a walk.”
          Father then turned to Elise and she spoke last. “I invited James over for dinner tomorrow. He wants to discuss wedding plans with you both.” I smiled. I really liked James he was a wonderful man for Elise.
          Then, Father began to speak. Today,” he began, “I went over to Gandote today, the town right next to ours, and three more children have disappeared. That makes eight children in all. I just don’t know where they might’ve gone or who might’ve taken them. Also, Anne-Marie Riper has disappeared too!”
          I gasped. I knew Anne-Marie. She was eight years old and lived next door to, Hazel.
          Supper ended with some delicious blueberries that Eric and Elaina had picked that afternoon.
          After supper, all my siblings helped Mom clean up and then started their homework. Eric headed outside to practice with his bow and arrows. Elise was finished with school so she didn’t have homework.
          I climbed the stairs to the loft that Elise and I shared. Mother and Father slept in a room with a pullout bed for Eric and Elaina and Elliot slept in a crib. Next month when Elise would be married then Elaina would move up here with me.
          I slowly pulled on my night dress and then sat on the end of my bed running through my day in my head.
          After a few minutes, Elise had climbed up and got dressed for the night. She pulled out a hair brush and began to brush my hair. It was a soothing feeling and I enjoyed it very much.
            Your hair is beautiful Erin, so long and dark I wish you could see it!” mumbled Elise.
          As her fingers gently began to braid my hair my thoughts flashed back to the day I became blind. I had been four years old. It was a warm summer day and Father was taking a break from chopping wood to drink some water. I had been a curious child and of course had wanted to see if I could chop wood like Father. I had almost reached the ax, when I tripped over my long dress. I had fallen onto the ax cutting right through my eyes and leaving a huge scar across my face. Then I just remember darkness and so much pain.
          I ran my fingers across my scar which I was sure was ugly, just as Elise gave a tug on my hair telling me that she was done. I thanked her and covered myself with a blanket and tried to sleep.
          After Elise had brushed and braided her own hair, she joined me in bed. Her cold feet touched my warm ones and I squealed.
            Sorry,” giggled Elise.
            Sure you are,” I accused.
            Goodnight,” whispered Elise as I heard her blow out the candle.
          My thoughts rushed too little Anne-Marie. I had thought that my home town Allyin was safe, but apparently not.
This is officially the end the end of chapter one! I hope you enjoyed it!

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